Choose the Best Email Marketing Service

If you’re one of those crafty, relentless, resourceful–Marketers, you might think you know everything you need to know about email marketing.

You may already know that It’s one of the cheapest ways to make a huge return on investment.

For every $100 you plan to spend tomorrow on an email, can get you anywhere from $3800 to $4400 ROI based on previous years estimated research from the DMA.

And that’s only on your first mailing. The next time, just think, if you spent just a little bit more… say…$250…shoot, what about $500. That could turn into a lot of money very quickly, don’t you think?

More important than the Money $$$$$

The most important part of any business is the People… Your Subscribers. Do you have a list? Do you have a cleaned list?

If you don’t have a list of updated, loyal and responsive subscribers, it’s time to fix it. Scrub that list clean, it may hurt, but a list of people that never buy anything is worthless…

Use email marketing to build strong and lasting relationships between your brand and subscribers.

Also, let your customer know about upcoming events and special sales. If you’re already using Social Media or some other form of marketing, email is super easy to incorporate.

Some of the best converting emails didn’t require learning complex web programming languages or passing quizzes on any part of the color theory.

If you put lots of coding and images in an email, you’re probably going straight in the spam folder.

The entire point of sending out an email is to:

Get into the inbox, That’s right. Once there, your beautiful headline can be on display, waiting for your adoring fans to flock to it… or it gets tossed in the trash.

Actually, every step of the process, you’re one keystroke away from the recycle bin. But that’s how marketers like us like it anyway, never overlook a good challenge.

How to pick an email marketing service

If you are looking for a service, make sure they have customer services that you can actually get in contact with. Don’t find yourself just a few hours away from a deadline…

waiting on someone to respond to an email. The best businesses out there are going to give you multiple ways to contact them.

They do it because they care about their customers. If they don’t make it easy, don’t give them so much as a burner email address.

I would recommend even calling the customer support number just to see how long it takes you to get in contact and the quality of the content.

Make sure the functionality you need is included in your package. For example, I love MailChimp, but when trying to work with 12,000 emails, it can be cumbersome. Solution?

Aweber and GetResponse are two popular ones. They have the ability to manage an unlimited number of subscribers.

Another important thing to remember: Analytics Retention. Go with a service that doesn’t have a limit. Unless you run a business that just needs 3 months worth of data to function. That would be nice though.

I love Modern Technology…

The only way to make more money than you are right now is to leverage something.

Typically, it’s something that you happen to have the most of. If you have a lot of money, leverage your money.

But, if you have an email service that is any good at all, you can automate it and leverage something else, your Time. Even better, you just had to do all the work once.

Now the Fun Part…

Once you pick your service, you are going to need… Emails!!! Don’t worry, I want to give you a break. Download a free guide on what to write in your emails.

It was written by successful marketers that work for Aweber. They even include fill-in-the-blanks templates. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel… and of course–Stay out of that trash.

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

Post your comments, experiences, recommendations in the comments below. Tell everyone what you think is the best service and why.

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