Don’t set up complicated game chat servers: Use Discord

Why are you still using Skype or TeamSpeak for your game chatting needs?

Still paying fees?

Seriously? But there is a new great FREE option!
Still researching on YouTube how to even get a server set up in the first place?
Quit pullin’ my chain will ya?!

This new app makes all that easy…and quick.
I know what you need. Its an app called Discord.
It’s a free voice and text chat app specifically built for…

Gamers on the Couch…

All types of gamers. Are you a homebody gamer? Use it on the supercomputer you call your desktop. Never have a lag in gameplay caused by chatting ever…ever again.

Gamers on the GO…

Have a little downtime after school or work? Like to take trips and visit new places but need to get your gaming fix at the same time?

Use Discord on your phone. You have already figured out how to exist out in the world and still play games, now easily chat with your friends, and stay connected.
Whether you find yourself on a beach or on a mountain, if you have data reception,

You can game,
You can chat,
You can live!

If all you want to do is jump online, get your game rolling, and start communicating with your guild, you should stop messing with other forms of chat.

It’s your move

You’ve got the perfect plan, when all of a sudden, your mic goes out. Oh no, what do you do? How can you get up with your team? Just type it in, Discord already thought of that. You can speak or type in the chat system.
Don’t want the shame of having a friend get DDoS’d while they were skyping on your crappy site server?

Take care of it now, while you still have your friends and identity.
Make your gaming chat easier, and don’t have your identity stolen by thieves. It could happen on your next live chat. Not to be bleak, but you know its true.

Download Discord for free now and get to chatting.

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