How To Get Started with Stock Images

Are you a photographer? Illustrator? That’s great. Creating content is fun and can also be lucrative.

You don’t need to have real estate or a 401k. Just a few simple tools of the trade.

Once you have enough of the right content for sale on stock image sites, you could be looking at residual cash flow, all by creating content.

I must inform you. I haven’t sold anything yet, but this is just a guide to get you started.

You can check out my portfolio here. These are merely examples of “good enough” content (which will be discussed later).

And if you want to become a contributor for Shutter Stock now, click here.

The Basics Tools Needed


Camera, computer, Digital Editing Software, Stock Image Site Account


Pencil, Paper, Marker, Scanner, Computer, Digital Editing Software, Stock Image Site Account

I personally enjoy using a wide variety of mediums. But at a bare minimum, this is really all you need.

It’s important to practice and work on your creative ability, not your gear. [I still struggle with this :0 ]

Start With “Good Enough” Content

Once you have everything you need, you get to have some fun. Start Creating!

Of course, you should always try to make the best content possible. But when you are just getting started, I think it’s O.K. to start submitting content to Stock Image Sites when your content is “Good Enough”.

What I mean is, even if it’s not meeting your perfection standards…

or if you are worried it just won’t be good enough, but you feel like it’s done…

Start Submitting

The reason I recommend it is because the first step is usually the hardest one. So just get it out of the way. You may feel out of your comfort zone, and that’s OK. Just submit it.

Good Enough content is content that is not absolutely perfect but will get the job done.

If you are submitting your content to a Stock Image Website, there are certain things you have to do or your content will get rejected.

Where To Submit Your Content

I have a portfolio on Shutter Stock. It consists of images of nature, backgrounds, and textures.

They were all approved in my Contributor Account on Shutter Stock within a few days. Check them out here.

Common Reasons for rejection:

To Blurry

Image not large enough

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