Dirty keyboard, representing your old and crusty keyboard. I implore you to get a mechanical keyboard

STOP Losing Online Gaming Battles- Get a Mechanical Keyboard

Do you use crappy weapons when you are playing FortNite: Battle Royale?
Why Use a crappy keyboard? Get a real keyboard. A Mechanical Keyboard. Are you a fan of staying at level 1 of all
your favorite MOBA characters? How much do you work on leveling up? Getting
better gear? New shoes?

Being honest

Why not spend a little time considering your hardware? Yes, it’s time,
we need to talk about your crappy keyboard.

How many keys can you hit at the same time and still have it register?
It is called n-key rollover, and it could be negatively affecting your gameplay.
Here is how.

The typical keyboard that is attached to your laptop or came with your
desktop computer is just not going to cut it. As a gamer, you are involved
in a very competitive arena. The definition of competitive.

That stock keyboard will typically support only a few buttons being pressed
at the same time. With a mechanical gaming keyboard, you can press every
button, and have it register.

Remember the last time you were falling, spinning, aiming and trying to think all at the same time?

How did it go? Do you think the keyboard could have dropped a few keystrokes
somewhere? Do you think that is holding back your ability to truly dominate
on the virtual battle field?

Don’t lose another match and blame your hardware.
“…Sure”, they say… “suuuuure you hit the button”.
“… Sure, nothing happened when you hit it”.

On and on.

Don’t listen to the haters

Look, I for one believe you.

I believe you hit the button, and it just didn’t work.
It happens to lots of people that haven’t switched over.

But it doesn’t have to happen anymore.
Haven’t you ever wanted to be the hero?

Can you run backwards?
Run backwards while spinning?
Aim, and shoot while spinning, and falling, and make the headshot and beat the game?

I bet…if the gear can keep up with you, there would be no problems.
If you had a mechanical keyboard, you can hit A LOT of different keys at the
same time, and they all work. That means you don’t have to keep losing
because your tech isn’t” up to par”.

Choose your weapon

Quick, before your old ratty old keyboard breaks and you can’t even type in a new google search to find a good replacement!

If it’s already broken, or you like convenience, pick from some of these
options and be the gamer you can be.
For an introductory model, I recommend the Reddragon mechanical gaming keyboard.

You can pick it up for less than $59 the last I checked.
These are just a few benefits, that are probably better than your old keyboard.
Check out more about this keyboard, the Redragon K556 on Amazon

  •  Mechanical keys with keycap swap out design, so you can make it your own
  •  Made from durable aluminum, it will stand up to your most fervent clicking
  •  Backlit by color changing LEDs, 7 flash modes. Makes me feel cool like I am a hacker from the Movie the Matrix. (Is it just me?)

[What are your gaming hardware preferences? Tell us in the comments below.]

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